Medical Empire opens: Industrial consolidation accelerates under the influence of capital

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2017/12/15 15:18
China's large health industry is taking shape and is showing a new trend and a new picture - the pharmaceutical "big group" is being born. Especially in the recent two years, with the advent of the c
China's large health industry is taking shape and is showing a new trend and a new picture - the pharmaceutical "big group" is being born.
Especially in the recent two years, with the advent of the concept of big health, medical enterprises are beginning to extend and expand the industrial chain. For the domestic enterprises, a large number of pharmaceutical corporations, ranging from pharmaceuticals to medical services and health products, are taking shape or, at present, Is on the way to go. Such as human welfare medicine, Kang Mei, Tasly and so on.
In the medical circle, it is a general consensus that today's human health awareness has surpassed any one in the past. The quest for medical health is also the most simple and authentic return from material life.
Under the background that the development of the large-scale health industry has risen into a national strategy, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party once again explicitly implemented the strategy for a healthy China and emphasized that people's health is an important symbol of prosperity of the nation and prosperity of the country. In 2016, the State Council promulgated the "Outline for the Great Health China 2030", which states that by 2020 China's health industry will be larger than 8 trillion and 16 trillion by 2030. In 2016, China's health industry has grown to nearly 4 trillion of the market.
China's large health market is full of infinite imagination.
Under the dual drive of capital and innovative technologies, China's health industry is setting off a wave of regulatory reorganization and structural adjustment in an increasingly open and converged economy. Large industrial integration and major changes have been accelerating under the influence of capital and new forms are emerging ...
Big health industry
To be specific, starting from 2016, China really gave birth to the concept of "big health."
Gui Yi, director of Planning and Development Division of Planning and Information Department of the State Health Planning Commission, disclosed that the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed to push forward the construction of a healthy China. In January 2016, the Central Party Committee and the State Council held the first National Health and Wellness Conference in the new century, Meeting to promote the construction of healthy China to make plans. By October 2016, the State Council promulgated the Outline for the Implementation of "Healthy China 2030".
This outline is almost a program of action to promote healthy China's construction in the next 15 years. Since then, Chinese pharmaceutical companies have also started to pinpoint the extension of their industrial chain and have begun to expand their careers.
The concept of the big health industry is mentioned for the first time in the "Health China 2030" plan. Before 2013, the State Council issued a number of opinions on promoting the development of the health service industry. In 2014, the National Bureau of Statistics issued the classification of the health service sector. However, the service sector was not formally classified according to its classification.
Gui Yi said that the development of a new format for the health industry will focus on implementing the premier's proposal to promote health and retirement, travel, the Internet, fitness and leisure, and the fusion of food and development of new formats.
In fact, great health is also based on the development of the times, changes in social needs and disease spectrum, put forward a global concept. It is based on people's basic necessities of life and life and death, pay attention to all kinds of risk factors affecting health and misunderstandings, promote self-health management, is the concept of comprehensive care of life under the guidance of the idea. It pursues not only the physical well-being of individuals but also the complete well-being of the mind, mind, physiology, society, environment and ethics. Promote not only scientific and healthy life, more correct health spending.
In such a large and human-based concept of unlimited extension of the concept of an infinite space industry was born.
The outline of the plan states that by 2020 China's large health industry should exceed 8 trillion and reach 16 trillion by 2030. In 2016, China's health industry has approached 4 trillion.
In the face of a huge market size, it should be said that the enterprises started to extend the industrial chain according to the development direction given in Chapter 18 of "Healthy China 2030". Eighteen chapters show: Actively promote health and pension, travel, the Internet, fitness and leisure, food integration, will spawn a healthy new industries, new formats, new models.
Welfare Pharmaceutical Group Chairman Wang Xuehai said that under the concept of great health, China's future large health market will reach tens of trillion, will be the world's largest market, but also the world's largest area. In the next 10 years, 20 years and 30 years, a large number of market opportunities will be bred and a large number of leading enterprises in the world will be cultivated. If companies do not layout as soon as possible, and actively grasp, may miss this era.
At present, many companies are in the medical positioning extended to the concept of a large health industry.
For example, BGI uses high-throughput liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS / MS) to analyze the concentrations of amino acids and acylcarnitines in newborn dry blood samples through isotope internal standard (IS) Experiments can simultaneously detect 43 kinds of genetic metabolic diseases including amino acid disease, organic acid metabolism disorders and fatty acid oxidation defects, greatly improving the detection efficiency. The detection technology with accurate, efficient and fast, large-scale characteristics of large-scale, easy neonatal screening project.
"Big group" on the road
Then human welfare medicine, for example, its current accounting for 60% of the market share of anesthetics, accounting for about 25% of the family medicine market share. In several other areas, including biological products, central nervous system is also actively involved in the layout and R & D investment. During the 12th five-year period, the average growth rate reached 40%. Belong to high growth.
In this context, Wang Xuehai advocated expansion and internationalization of enterprises is still rapidly promoting.
Wang Xuehai said that human welfare medicine is not the same as that of a large number of Chinese medical and health colleagues, and that human welfare medicine is a big health industry. In fact, this is also a place where Wang Xuehai, a peer criticized more. My colleagues believe that Wang Xuehai "not focused", half-hearted.
At present, human welfare medicine in addition to medicine, there are family planning supplies, beauty products industry chain. The pharmaceuticals are mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of pharmaceutical products. The major businesses include chemical pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, traditional Chinese medicines and biological preparations. Among them, the anesthetic is the leading product of human welfare medicine.
From January to June 2017, Fuk Fook Pharmaceutical achieved revenue of about RMB6.66 billion, up 20.07% over the same period of last year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed company was approximately RMB376 million, a decrease of 11.98% from the same period of previous year; Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company after deducting non-recurring gains and losses was approximately RMB357 million, an increase of 58.60% over the same period of last year.
If viewed from the helm Wang Xuehai, when he started his business in 1998, he talked about AIDS. Wang Xuehai thought the condom was very gray, which promoted the rapid development and recognition of condoms in China.
Wang Xuehai predicts that the future of this area will be 50 billion market size. Because the price is rising, the original box of about 12 6 dollars, and now sold about 60 yuan, and the market capacity increased 10 times to 20 times. This year, Human Fu Pharmaceutical acquired Jieshi Bang partner, is currently the world's second-largest brand, the world has more than 60 countries and markets.
Of course, based on this product, Wang Xuehai said the future extension of the industrial chain around the health needs of several products will include lubricants, AIDS, saliva test reagents, such as tampons.
Wang Xuehai that the health needs of ordinary people, a great life needs great, the key is how to find, how to meet it, just like Apple mobile phones, Jobs said "we want to help our customers, consumers, find their needs, They may not have discovered themselves, but the need exists, but it has not been found. "
By analogy, Wang Xuehai believes that at the central level, the innovative supply and stimulating demand are the aspects of economic needs or the most benign aspects of the economy of the entire country.
With an in-depth understanding of the concept of big health, Wang Xuehai also plans to deploy more than 50 hospitals and develop derivative business such as high-end health management, moon center, combination of medical treatment and health care and mobile medical with the needs of local medical services to form "pharmaceutical industry- - Medical Circulation - Medical Services "complete industrial chain.
While human welfare medicine extends the industrial chain, in fact, other pharmaceutical groups are also being rapidly deployed.
It is understood that at present, the United States and the United States through the implementation of pharmaceutical industry chain full integration mode of operation, the business system covers the upstream of the traditional Chinese herbal medicine planting and resource integration, the middle reaches of the professional Chinese herbal medicine market management, Chinese herbal medicine trade, Chinese Herbal Medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals, modern medical logistics system, the downstream set of medical institutions resources, pharmacy hosting, OTC retail, chain drugstores, direct marketing, pharmaceutical electricity providers, mobile medical and other means of all-in-one Multi-level marketing network, the entire industry chain of traditional Chinese medicine operation mode and business system has been formed, prominent industrial resources.
Among them, "Mobile Medical App" such as "Pocket Hospital" and "Kangmei Doctor" have registered online at more than 3000 hospitals nationwide and nearly 20,000 doctors have online medical services. Over 250,000 electronic prescriptions have been issued, with more than 700,000 members and services Covering more than 260 million people. Recently, Kangmei Pharmaceutical has also invested 5 billion yuan to participate in the large health medicine industry in Guizhou Province. It has fully participated in the reform and development of the medical and health undertakings in Dingxi City and the large healthcare industry in medicine. It has also invested 160 million to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kangmei Smart Pharmacy in Guangzhou. Limited.
Tasly, which has always taken the principle of great health, has actively advocated, promoted and implemented the construction of the five major systems of great health, namely, establishing a system of great health concepts, popularizing a large health education system, innovating a large health technology system, developing a large-scale health industry system, Health service system.
Tasly estimates that it will expand its healthcare industry with the help of its technological advantages in the field of biomedicine. At present, a system of supply and marketing of modern white wine with "Guo Tai" as the brand has been established and the development of a healthy wine industry has been actively explored. Biological Pu'er tea, healthy drinking water products under the brand name of "Di Bo Er" Health care products, functional food industry groups are also constantly improving. In the meantime, we steadily developed medical rehabilitation, health preservation and health management starting with Hunan Xiang Ya Bo Ai Rehabilitation Hospital.
Tasly products to modern Chinese medicine as the core, collaborative biopharmaceuticals and chemical medicine for the development of a new model of the wings, the construction of a modern biomedicine industry cluster. At the same time, based on Shanghai Tasly Pharmaceutical, it is laying the biomedical industry.
According to the medical circles, perhaps in the next three years or so, there will also be a large number of pharmaceutical conglomerates with a long industrial chain, a large scale and a big health concept.


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