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2017/12/09 15:15
In the year of 2017, the pharmaceutical industry policies are frequent and involve the entire industrial chain of drug research and development, production, circulation and payment. The overall trend
In the year of 2017, the pharmaceutical industry policies are frequent and involve the entire industrial chain of drug research and development, production, circulation and payment. The overall trend of policy reform is to accelerate the consolidation of the industry and to conform to the international standards and to reshape the pattern of the pharmaceutical industry.
Supply-side reform continued to push forward the market restructure of one trillion yuan
Under the background of medical insurance control fees and the supply side reform of the pharmaceutical industry, the direction of the national policy reform is to align with the highest international quality standards. In the adjustment period of policies, some sub-sectors will face adjustment due to the enhancement of standards and the tightening of supervision. Shuffling and labor-pain are inevitable. However, in the long run, innovative drugs and high-quality medicines will be further recognized by the market. Relevant listed companies that place innovative medicines and high-quality medicines will also be further recognized by the market.
On October 8, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council printed the Opinions on Deepening the Innovation of Examination and Approval System for Decreasing Drugs and Encouraging the Innovation of Medical Devices. Opinions clearly proposed the implementation of pharmaceutical and raw materials and pharmaceutical raw materials and packaging materials related to the approval of the establishment of listed drugs list to promote the full implementation of the listing permit system to carry out re-evaluation of pharmaceutical injection and so on to promote pharmaceutical and medical device industry restructuring and technological innovation , Improve industrial competitiveness. This opinion is regarded as a landmark document for the reform of China's drug device.
Under the guidance of this document, the multinational department of the State Food and Drug Administration released the draft for soliciting the above opinions. On October 23, SFDA released the "Amendment to the Drug Administration Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)" to implement the spirit of the above opinions and pay attention to stepping up the management of the life cycle of pharmaceutical medical devices and canceling the certification of GMP and GSP; On November 28, the State Food and Drug Administration Drug Evaluation Center (CDE) issued a notice on the public solicitation of the first batch of varieties included in the "Chinese Listed Chemical Drugs Catalog," which is called the Chinese version of the "Orange Book "On December 22, CDE issued a circular on the public solicitation of the" Technical Requirements for Consistency Evaluation of Listed Chemical Generic Drugs (Injections) ", which is mainly aimed at re-evaluation of injections and the like .
The introduction of policies so that people see the determination and speed of government reform. In the opinion of industry insiders, this is essentially a supply-side reform of the pharmaceutical industry. Innovative medicines and high-quality medicines are increasingly valued, while inferior medicines and counterfeit medicines will gradually be driven out of the market to meet people's demand for high-quality medicines and medical services.
Institutions survey 76 companies
Statistics show that last week, 76 cities such as Goldwind, Innovative Stocks, Xinghui Entertainment, Match Smart, Startup Shares, Shuanglu Pharmaceutical and FiberHome received research by various agencies. Compared with the previous week's data, the number of institutional research listed companies decreased to a certain extent last week.
From the industry division point of view, last week the agency focused on research heavy-duty electrical equipment, Western medicine, industrial machinery, electrical components and equipment, electronic equipment and instruments, semiconductors and other industries. Specifically, the semiconductor equipment industry listed company Jingsheng M & E, for example, the company ushered in the organization delegation survey last week.
Last week, the agencies involved in the research of listed companies included Zhongrui Securities, Huatai Securities, Industrial Securities, CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, Haitong Securities, Founder Securities and Pacific Securities. There were more investigations on securities companies such as Shuangliang Medicine Industry, Italy shares, Xuefeng technology, the new Saikai, will Kang shares, letter Li Tai and so on. Public raised funds, Boshi Fund, Huitianfu Fund, Bank of Communications Schroder Fund, Huaxia Fund, Penghua Fund and other agencies attack research, the focus of the company has Nasdaq, Chengzhi shares, Jin Dawei, Goldwind Technology , Xin Li Tai, double-Heron and so on. In addition, Hua Pu Yi Heng Capital Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tong source Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Shennong Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chaos Road Asset Management Co., Ltd. and other private equity firms, focused on the Keshi Da last week, to win together Science and technology, Blue Ocean Huateng, Kangtai biology, palm technology, and other listed companies. In terms of insurance and insurance, Lujiazui Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd., China and South Korea Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Soochow Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and Fosun Prudential Life Insurance Co., Ltd. focused on listed companies such as Shin Litas, Han's Laser and Binjiang Group.
Last week, data from the agency's research showed that public companies in the biopharmaceutical industry are under institutional concern, such as Xinli Tai, Shuanglu Pharmaceutical, Biokang and Jin Dawei. In fact, since December, the performance of the biomedical sector has been outstanding as a whole. Some leading stocks of individual industries have frequently stepped out of adverse market. At year-end, the agency continued to tap opportunities in the biomedical industry, but observational research found that agencies began to look for opportunities in the biopharmaceutical industry in a broader context. Apart from industry leaders, institutional research began to move toward more targeted extend.
Ping An Securities pointed out that the industry pick up, the perfect time to configure medicine has come. In 2017, the pharmaceutical sector underperformed the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 market. The market has fully reflected the expectation of price-controlling charges. However, the industry growth rate in 2017 has clearly bottomed out. In addition, innovation first, China's pharmaceutical industry usher in a better era of innovation. Compared with the past, both the supportive policies, personnel support, R & D investment and health care package, etc., China's pharmaceutical industry are beginning to have the soil for independent innovation. In the future, more and more outstanding innovative varieties will come out and the R & D enterprises rise. R & D and innovation will become the key factors to lead the industry forward and rebuild the industry structure. However, institutional sources also reminded the bio-pharmaceutical industry leading stocks more recent gains, investors need to beware of the risk of phased adjustment.
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