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2017/11/09 15:23
Nearly 4 trillion yuan of medical and health industry investment market feast, the industrial capital, insurance funds, PE / VC, the existing medical services group has become the protagonist, and inn
Nearly 4 trillion yuan of medical and health industry investment market feast, the industrial capital, insurance funds, PE / VC, the existing medical services group has become the protagonist, and innovation in the field of medical services industry has entered the depth of the industrial chain, from medical testing, Clinical drug testing to the field of physical examination, the Internet and big data are bringing transformational opportunities for the industrial chain, but also brought a new window of investment.
The layout of industrial capital and existing medical service groups is very common. It has become a general path for LPs and self-built ecological circles. There is also the layout of insurance funds for the medical and ecological circle built by Taikang Group. The layout of the insurance funds of Taikang Group and the head of Taikang House Executive Liu Tingjun recently said: "In fact, Taikang has gradually transformed itself from a traditional life insurance company into a company that builds a large, healthy and eco-industrial system."
PE / VC is the stare tuyere, investment hot spots are constantly changing. Recently in an interview with the news interview, Yuan Jing capital partner Tian Min said the new medical service model is leveraging the original stock market "dancing elephants."
According to Tian Min, medical service innovation is divided into three stages. The first is the early 21st century, the Chinese mainland formally opened up the medical market, private hospitals ushered in the first golden period. At this stage, we have seen a large number of private hospitals emerge. Third-party clinical research institutes have started to take the demand of pharmaceutical companies. Private medical institutions have become emerging powers in the medical examination market. Third-party medical examination services have become important partners in the hospital.
The second phase is from 2011 onwards, medical services innovation to catch the "Internet" express train. During this period, many Internet entrepreneurs switched from the periphery to the medical service, opened the trial of medical + internet with registered and in-patient consultations, and brought a new upsurge in business. And since 2015, more healthcare practitioners have started to join the Internet healthcare business and their deep involvement and experience in the industry chain will allow them to think about how Internet technologies can truly enhance the efficiency of clinical trials, testing, or clinical research. When the third phase of entrepreneurship kicked off, investment opportunities where?
Tian Min said: "Our investment logic is whether there is a lighter and faster model, the stock can improve the efficiency of the medical industry? Our analysis found that entrepreneurs use the Internet and big data technology, the industry originally required heavy capital investment Turning resources into public capacity, activating the market for medical services inventories has also made the Internet and healthcare more deeply integrated. "
When investing in healthcare services, the investment focus of Yuanjing Capital is to look for possible opportunities that have already been verified by the scale of the medical market, such as CRO (Pharmaceutical R & D Contracting Services), private medical institutions and third-party medical inspection agencies Three directions are the first three fields to test the water.
As in the CRO / SMO clinical research services industry, the vitality of practitioners was released and they could take the bill for the pharmaceutical companies themselves. Take Pharmaceutical Research Institute as an example. After the company takes the company as the main body to undertake the orders of pharmaceutical enterprises, it publishes the project cooperation needs through the platform of Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Thousands of practitioners on the platform can arrange according to their time, place and working schedule. Grab a single, and then drug research community to user experience and advantages of the project needs to do a precise match, each project can be executed to match more experienced practitioners to provide its services, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of clinical research, To a certain extent, it also alleviates the problem of human resources shortage and high labor cost in traditional clinical research service enterprises.
In the third-party health-care service industry, the physical examination capacity of public hospitals is being levered by the Internet. Although not invested heavily in the opening of physical examination centers, Yuan Jing capital health care investment is currently the most widely covered medical service platform. Platforms both private brand medical partners, but also docking a wide range of public hospitals. The core of the platform is devoted to operating services and technical systems. And through the medical docking and operation of health, public hospitals, high-quality medical services can be more market-oriented participation in the health budget bidding.
In the field of third-party medical testing services, professional service agencies set up a platform for primary medical examination services to further activate the vitality of the medical examination market.
Apart from deepening the innovation in the medical industry chain and talking about medical services, of course, we can not avoid the drive of new technologies such as AI technology and big data. At present, AI technology is mainly applied to early diagnosis based on images, auxiliary diagnosis based on structured texts, and surgical adjuvant therapy based on three-dimensional imaging such as AR / VR. At present, there are challenges in "AI + healthcare", such as the mismatch between regulation and technology, the uneven distribution of products and technologies, the occupation of more industrial technology resources by large companies, and the general lack of stable access to large amounts of data sources by start-up companies. In addition, The government and hospitals are waiting to pay attention to issues such as the willingness to pay for the purchase of AI video services.
In Tianmin's opinion, AI-driven medical industry is a potential area for the future. However, the data base and commercialization path of the industry are still not clear enough. Therefore, Jing Yuan has maintained a positive observation and careful layout of investment in this area. This year, Yuan Jing Capital invested in the field based on medical case AI algorithm for specialist departments to provide system solutions Yao-Li Yao.


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