Consolidate the cancellation of drug addition results to further cancel the medical supplies addition

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2017/12/02 15:20
Promote a three-year action plan to comprehensively deepen the reform of the pricing mechanism. Breakthroughs in price reform in key areas have been made and the price regulation of monopoly industrie
Promote a three-year action plan to comprehensively deepen the reform of the pricing mechanism. Breakthroughs in price reform in key areas have been made and the price regulation of monopoly industries has been strengthened. In 2017, price reform has moved forward to Sham Shui Po and "hard bones" have been taken one by one.
The report of the 19th National Congress pointed out that the reform of the economic system must focus on perfecting the property rights system and the market-oriented allocation of factors. Price is the core of various market elements. How will the future price reform advance? How much will people gain?
[Complete cancellation of drug additions: Can a doctor be cheaper?]
In 2017, while completely canceling the drug additions in public hospitals, China opened the reform of public hospital medical service prices in an all-round way and ended its 60-year history of "supplement medicine with medicine".
Take Beijing as an example. Since April 8, all public medical institutions in Beijing have canceled their registration fees, medical expenses, canceled drug additions and set up medical service fees. Within half a year, more than 3,700 medical institutions participating in the reform completed more than 100 million emergency visits. Excluding the impact of CPI, the cost of medical services increased by less than 2%, the lowest rate of increase in fees since 2000.
Prospects According to the "Opinions on Fully Deepening the Reform of the Price Mechanism" promulgated in 2017, the next step will be to consolidate the cancellation of drug product additions, further cancel the medical supplies addition and optimize the adjustment of medical service prices. Medical supplies including heart stents, gauze surgery, dental materials. At present, the basic medical supplies plus 5% to 10%.
"Price reform should be intensified in coordination with reform policies on medicine, healthcare and medical services." Hu Zu-cai, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that it is necessary to make room for adjusting the prices of medical services by standardizing medical treatment and treatment activities, reducing costs such as medicines and consumables, Bottom line thinking, attaches great importance to ensuring the interests of special disease groups, low-income groups, especially poor families.
Monopoly industry prices: up or down?
In 2017, China vigorously supervised the cost control of transmission and distribution and fully completed the reform of the transmission and distribution price of the provincial power grids across the country. The cost-reduction ratio was 14.5%, the cost of electricity for enterprises was reduced by 48.0 billion yuan, and the proportion of electricity market-oriented transactions was increased to 23%.
At the same time, in order to reduce the cost of energy use, cancel the additional 35.3 billion yuan of urban public utilities levied on users; cancel the special funds of structural adjustment of industrial enterprises charged to power generation enterprises of 39 billion yuan; abolish electrovalency railway repayment price by 6 billion yuan; Major water conservancy project construction funds, large and medium-sized reservoirs resettlement fund support for the late levied standards for enterprises to reduce the burden of 16 billion yuan.
In the field of natural gas prices, the first natural gas pipeline cross-border pipeline cost supervision and audit was completed, reducing the cost-to-capital ratio by 16%. On this basis, the non-residential gas price was reduced by 0.1 yuan per cubic meter and the gas consumption by enterprises was reduced by 16 billion yuan. Strengthen the supervision of local natural gas pipelines and reduce the gas consumption by enterprises of 4 billion yuan.
In the field of railway passenger transport prices, the supervision and inspection of ordinary passenger train transport costs will be carried out in an all-round way and will be completed by the end of this year.
[Prospect] Reporter learned from the National Development and Reform Commission, the next step China will also develop and improve residential water supply gas heating costs supervision methods, pricing methods, and strive to achieve full coverage by 2020. On this basis, accelerate the rationalization of urban water supply and heating prices, research and gradually reduce the power cross subsidies, improve the residential electricity price policy.
In the area of ​​railway passenger transport, the fare hardest fare formation mechanism for ordinary passenger trains will be further improved, and a fare system reflecting the difference in service quality will be gradually established based on the train speed and grade.
[Energy saving and environmental protection price: how to guide green consumption?]
In order to advocate a green and low-carbon way of life, China attaches great importance to playing a regulatory role in energy conservation and environmental protection. In 2017, the related opinions on speeding up the establishment and improvement of non-residential water consumption in cities and towns over a fixed-rate increase are promulgated, which are conducive to the intensive use of water resources and the adjustment of industrial structure.
In view of the clean heating in the north, according to the principle of "sustainable enterprises and residents affordable", China will make overall use of the policy of peak electricity price on the grid side, the reform of transmission and distribution prices, the direct trade of renewable energy sources, the improvement of gas price policy of "coal to gas" Improve the heating price policy and other means to establish and improve clean energy heating price policy.
[Outlook] National Development and Reform Commission made it clear that in the future, it will periodically evaluate and improve the price policy of residential gas-water-use ladder. In accordance with the principle of compensating costs and making profits rationally, the standards for sewage treatment and garbage disposal shall be gradually adjusted to explore the implementation of a system of differential charges. Improve northern clean heating price policy. According to the process of product quality upgrading, the development of the national standard VI price policy.
[Minsheng price protection: how to support the bottom?]
With price reform deepening, strengthening price monitoring and early warning, price control in a targeted manner, and safeguarding the basic livelihood of people in need, it has become an important starting point for giving better play to the role of the government.
In 2017, the price regulator will step up the price control during key periods; study and improve the price control plan for the pig market; supervise and urge all localities to implement the linkage mechanism linking the social assistance and the protection of the standard with rising prices.
Prospects: In the future, the people's livelihood commodity price monitoring and early warning will be further strengthened, and research will be conducted to improve the countermeasures against abnormal price fluctuations and to improve the reserve system for important commodities. Timely improve the social assistance and security standards linked to price increases linking mechanism. Formulate plans for guaranteeing low-income groups and improve supporting policies.
Deputy Secretary General of NDRC and Director of Price Division Shi Zhai said that in the overall process of deepening price reform, people's interests should always be given top priority, the prices of people's livelihood goods and services should be basically stabilized, the basic living conditions of low-income groups and the people should be constantly enhanced The people's sense of empathy and happiness.
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