President Oration

President Oration

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Chairman Chen Gang

“To become an excellent world-famous Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise and also a product leader in the central nervous field of China” is the cry of Credit at the depth of time. This is the goal set since its establishment.

The business philosophy “devote to human health, and achieve the clients, shareholders and ourselves” is the source of energy of the Company. We will continuously evolve the intellectual property rights, manufacturing skills and professional levels in solving the pain points of doctor-patient relations and filling up the subdivision treatment fields.

We hope that, the academic idea “to serve the clinical research” can bring about more valuable services to doctors and cooperators; and give more accurate evidence-based feedback and knowledge creation to patient groups and diseases.

With the building of an interactive platform for doctor communication as starting point, and the creation of the harmonious coexistence of enterprises-doctors-patients as behavior foundation, Credit Pharmaceutical follows the behavior guidelines of return to the original mission of pharmaceutical enterprises. The Company reflects and achieves its own values in value creation and professional service.

Cosmology is grand and biotics is exquisite. As to Credit Pharmaceutical worshipping natural science, keeping a foothold in pharmaceuticals industry, and focusing frontier technology, we know very well that each field of science from universe to two polarities of life is worthy of exploration, discovery and creation by human beings. We admire greatly and chase after the scientists, social economists and historians devoting themselves to the fields of natural science, social science and life science, making achievements, setting moral examples and expounding their ideas in theoretical construction and practical application, as well as all the explorers, constructors and achievers enhancing the human well-being and improving the human happiness index.

It is required to be always sensitive to the new things in the learning of multidisciplinary knowledge, so that the individuals will have a richer experience of life style as well as a perfect experience of life.

We advocate “being friends of time” no matter for individuals or organizations. We should do a deed determined by ourselves, and keep doing it, and then wait for the feedback of time.

A life is very short. If we can do well in this valuable thing—to become a most respected pharmaceutical enterprise in the world in our lifelong time, it will be a comfort to us. Therefore, on the way forward, we should always remind, check and restrict ourselves: Do our behaviors deviate from our vision? Does our direction deviate from our original intention?

For over 10 years, we have been focusing on the research & development, production and sales of central nervous system diseases. In the future, we will continue to develop and extend on this road.