Employment Ideas

Employment Ideas

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Employment ideas:

Morality priority, post matching, due diligence, and teamwork

Morality priority:

employment standard: morality first, and capability second; “The one moral but untalented may be employed; the one moral and talented shall be put in an important position; and the one talented but immoral is hard to be used.”

Post matching:

Each post has its professional requirements, and an appropriate person put in a proper position is a talent, and his role can be developed.

Due diligence:

Have high sense of responsibility for work; be honest to be a man; be serious, dedicated, creative and striving for excellence in work.


A drop of water is tiny, and a sea of water will be surging and magnificent; a grain of soil is slight, and a high mountain of soil will be lofty. The power of an individual is weak, but he can march towards the success in an excellent team, with the growth of team.

Principles of employment:

Talent attraction by career, environment, treatment, emotion.

Talent attraction by career:

We aim to become an excellent world-famous Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise and also a product leader in the central nervous field of China, provide the excellent personnel in the Company with more opportunities to achieve themselves and realize their own values, and also attract more talents to join.

Talent attraction by environment:

By building the enterprise values “honest, compliant, professional, and grateful”, we will create positive, united and struggling talent environment inside the Company.

Talent attraction by treatment:

Around the mission “devote to human health, and achieve the clients, shareholders and ourselves”, we will establish a set of effective and inspiring operational mechanism.

Talent attraction by emotion:

While paying attention to the individual talents, we pay more attention to the affection between colleagues and the team spirit.